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One of the biggest advantages of canvas is that it is easily accessible in multiple formats. Also, it enables an easy mixing of techniques.
Through the multiple possibilities which it offers in addition to its resistance and its lightness, it’s the preferred surface of many artists.
With ot without a frame, it can become classic, urban or contemporary depending on your creative desires.



On cavas, POSCA PASTEL enables you draw outlines or to easily fill in surfaces. Its smooth quality makes its application easy and reveals the woven aspect of the surface.
As part of experimental painting, it can be combined with oil or diluted with turpentine. With acrylics, it will be permanent as it’s not water-thinnable.
POSCA PASTEL can be used at all stages of creation, from first drafts to highlights at the end of work.



It is always preferable to use a varnish on a canvas creation, as it has no protection once on the wall.
So you could apply a universal spray varish.

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