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59 colours,
8 metallic,
6 fluorescent
and 8 glitter

the colours
of creation

All materials
Plastic, wood, cardboard, paper, glass, textiles… POSCA is a creative tool for all materials.
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Street art
Life Custom
Fine Art
Creative Leisure
Oskunk, Mangas, and Superheroes
You don’t find a blog like Oskunk’s very often. A talented illustrator raised on mangas and superheroes, he literally draws on anything that moves.
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Bebar: Bebarbary
We see more and more of them. A B-boy face, usually blue, synonymous with Bebar.
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Bouda, not Booba!
A young, smiling woman dedicated to black felt-tips,  Bouda loves to create dense drawings.
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Cannibal Letters: compacted, intertwined lettering
Cannibal Letters’ style is pretty easy to recognise. Letters every which way that form words, phrases, messages.
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T-Kid 170 Back to the roots
T-Kid170 is a living legend, a pillar of graffiti culture.
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Shuck2: Box and graffiti
Shuck2 grew up in Nanterre, in the west end of the Paris suburbs.
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Rolecs, pure colours
Rolecs is a street artist who became an artist.
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Aurélien Desbois is a French artist you might run into near Anglet. He has been painting for a good ten years.
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Aurélien Jacob, Nono to his close friends and family
Well, ha, listen, I’m from the East of France, and because my dad was military, we travelled a lot, to French Guyana, and Reunion.
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Lucas Beaufort, super motivated
We met Lucas Beaufort a few weeks ago. He’s an artist and works with quite a few skateboard brands, and more.
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Nimbus is Julien in real life. He works in a “geek” store in downtown Paris and as he likes to point out: "You can’t miss it, there’s a stormtrooper right out in front!"
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Léonard Combier, labyrinthine illustration
With an attention to detail pushed to the extreme, Léonard Combier's huge labyrinthine graphic works he creates in ink and POSCA on very large-scale formats.
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Octave Marsal: fine, very fine lines
Prestigious schools, an ever-expanding résumé, and meticulous work, this is what you’ll find on the artist Octave Marsal when you look him up.
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Biennale de Saint Etienne: the designer’s bestiary
IONNA VAUTRIN, designer invited to the Biennale Internationale du Design Saint-Étienne, gave children a chance to create and wear mini-creature costumes.
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MIX’ART: Citizen Urban Art
The MIX'ART association encourages and enables students and graffiti or street artists to work together by organising urban art workshops to get young people involved in ambitious art projects that primarily revolve around citizenship.
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Déborah DNART, ultra creative nomad
Nomad and ultra creative, DNART is a young Franco-Vietnamese artist from Bordeaux.
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Little Madi, little not so little
Little Madi isn’t just anybody. Illustrator within the sphere of the couple Koralie and Supakitch, she observes and learns fast.
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POSCA tips
8 sizes, 5 complementary shapes
PCF - 350
The soft brush tip of the PCF-350 is ideal for calligraphy and colouring.
PC - 1MR
The precise and calibrated tip of the PC-1MR produces refined lines.
PC - 1MC
The very fine tip of the PC-1MC is ideal for small-format creations.
PC - 3M
The universal bullet tip of the PC-3M adapts to all types of creation.
PC - 5M
The PC-5M's versatile bullet tip offers unlimited freedom of use. It adapts to all types of creation.
PC - 7M
Latest addition to the POSCA range, the PC-7M has a very handy broad bullet tip.
PC - 8K
The broad chisel tip of the PC-8K is perfect for tracing curves and covering large areas.
PC - 17K
The rectangular XXL tip of the PC-17K is ideal for flat colours and backgrounds.
The artist Aurélie Andres
Discovering the PC7M. The broad bullet tip is ideal for colouring and large-scale precision work.