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One of the biggest advantages of the canvas is that it is easily accessible in multiple formats. Also, it enables an easy mixing of techniques.
Through the multiple possibilities which it offers in addition to its resistance and its lightness, it’s the the preferred surface of many artists.
With ot without a frame, it can become classic, urban or contemporary depending on your creative desires.



On cavas, POSCA PASTEL is useful for creating a precise drawings or laying a structure. So the sketch can be more or less completed, from a few lines to shadowing.
The pencil can then be covered with paint which is oil-based or diluted with turpentine. The diluted pencil takes on a watercolour, transparent look.

Combined with acrylics, it remains permanent as it’s not water-thinnable.
In experimental painting, where the techniques are often mixed, it can be used at each stage of work, from the sketch to the finishing touches.



In general, if POSCA PENCIL is used alone on a canvas, it is preferable to use a varnish in order to make your creations durable. In certain cases, the use of additional techniques like glazing can help you to set POSCA PENCIL to the canvas, for example by covering it with a layer of transparent or lightly coloured acrylic paint.


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