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Yellow is a primary colour. Its main complementary colour is blue.

It’s a warm colour often used for figurative representations because it’s very present in nature (sun, light, fruit, etc.).

With gold, one of its derived colours, yellow is found in numerous creations for a distinctive touch or to mark nobility (as in the production of an illumination!).

On the colour wheel, yellow is situated between orange and green. It’s one of the three main colours of the subtractive system. In the additive system, yellow is obtained by mixing red and green, and sometimes blue.

Yellow can come in a range of different tints: light, bright, or even ochre.

It can be obtained with plant pigments, such as safflower, turmeric or saffron, and mineral pigments, such as orpiment.

With no beige, yellow was used to represent the body in ancient art. It’s often associated with Van Gogh, who was fascinated by this colour. Closer to our day and age, the graffiti artist Sun7 exhibited a piece composed of yellow letters at Vuitton.

Straw yellow

Available in PC-1MCPC-3M, and PC-8K tips.


Available in all tips: PCF-350PC-1MRPC-1MCPC-3MPC-5MPC-7MPC-8K and PC-17K.

Fluorescent yellow

Available in  PC-5M, and PC-8K tips.

Glitter yellow

Available in PC-3ML tip.


Available in all tips: PCF-350PC-1MRPC-1MCPC-3MPC-5MPC-7MPC-8K and PC-17K.