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Wood is a surface which is used often in plastic arts or decorating. Rigid and easy to work, it’s often chosen for its warmth. In object form, it can be a very unique creative surace.



All wood-based or untreated wood surfaces can be used wih POSCA PASTEL. Smoother surfaces are preferable for delicate work but the adhesive properties of the pastel enables it to be used on the roughest surfaces. It can even be used on varnished wood.

Consider that on a dark wood, the colours will be emphasised through a contrasting effect. From a simple box to a varnished object, the range is broad and it’s by pressing down more or less on the tip that you give more finesse or more intensity to the colour.



The waxy quality of POSCA PASTEL makes it naturally resistant. Of course, additional protection can be applied, like a universal spray varnish..
In general, the more porous the surface, the more the colour will naturally adhere. On a smooth wood, the varnish will protect it from friction and scratches.


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