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The favoured surface for drawing, paper is the perfect parter for the POSCA PENCIL. Depending on your needs, the pencil will adapt to all types, whether they’re smooth, fine or grained, white or coloured, as well as all grammages.



The paper doesn’t need to be prepared if using the POSCA PENCIL and thanks to the quality of its pigment, on a dark base, the pencil will maintain its brightness. Different types of paper will not produce the same effects.

On an invitation, the absence of grain will allow for more delicate work and uniform colours. For this, you should sharpen the pencil often so that it remains thin. On grained paper, the pencil will reveal the structure of the paper. So you can press down or go over the area several times in order to cover it more or take advantage of the graphic effect achieved.

On grained paper, the pencil will reveal the structure. So you can press down or go over the area several times in order to cover it more or play with the graphic effect.



The pencil adheres to the paper completely and permenantly, there’s no loss of material. So there’s no need to use a setting agent. But be careful as this adhesive quality makes it difficult to erase. For optimal protection you can cover your creations with glassine paper.


Card is a very versatile, very popular surface as it combines its rigidity with the qualities of paper. Glued, folded or die-cut, matte or smooth, white or colourful, thick or corrugated, it’s an adaptable creating surface!
Why not create something on recovered cardboard, artists use it regularly to create exceptional pieces!


Card doesn’t require any particular preparation. Depending on its nature, porous or smooth, the pencil will adapt to is.
Be careful of piercing the surface if you’re using corrugated card, the nib can perforate the surface if you press down too hard. With this type of card, drawing reveals the grooves, you can also create very interesting graphics.



POSCA PENCIL’s adherence to card is permanent and does not require the use of a setting agent.
If there’s a risk of friction during storage, you can apply a universal spray varnish or protect your work with glassine paper.


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