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Paper is a perfect surface for POSCA PASTEL, which will adapt to different grains, to white or colourful surfaces as well as all gramages.
Sheets or lined, paper is ideal for research and flexibility.



There’s no need to prepare the paper when using the POSCAL PASTEL. Thanks to its high pigment quality, the pastel stick maintains its brightness even on a dark base.
The application is made with a more or less sharpened tip, dedpending on the desired finish.

Do not apply POSCA PASTEL to wet paper as it will not adhere. However, you can apply an ink wash or a watercolour on your pastel lines and take advantage of their permanency.


POSCA PASTEL, due to its waxy nature, has its own protective function. So you don’t need to use a setting agent.
But you should avoid exhibiting your creations in the heat and, for optimal protection when being stored, you can cover them with glassine paper.


Le carton est un support ultra polyvalent, très apprécié car il associe sa rigidité aux qualités du papier.
Collé, plié ou découpé, mat ou lisse, blanc ou coloré, dense ou cannelé, c’est un support de création multiforme. I
N’hésitez pas à créer sur du carton de récupération, des artistes en utilisent régulièrement pour réaliser des oeuvres exceptionnelles !



Card is a very versatile, very popular surface as it combines its rigidity with the qualities of paper.
Glued, folded or die-cut, matte or smooth, white or colourful, thick or corrugated, it’s an adaptable creating surface!
Why not create something on recovered cardboard, artists use it regularly to create exceptional pieces!


The adhesion of POSCA PASTEL to card is permanent and does not require the use of a setting agent.
If there’s a risk of friction when in storage, you could apply a universal spray varnish or protect your work with the help of glassine paper.

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