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The POSCA PENCIL enables the hatching technique, this being used to translate values and volumes onto a drawing. Thanks to the nature of the tip, the lines remain thin for a long time during the work and its fluid nature makes the regularity of the line easy.

By applying the pencil on a smooth surface (fine grain paper, for example), you can achieve a great flat tint and shading. The colours blend into one, by pressing harder or softer for the desired filling. A well-sharpened nib will increase the quality of the filling.

The covering quality of the POSCA PENCIL enables it to be used on a dark background without it losing brightness. For example, the white covers the black easily and so the contrast is achieved. By progressively pressing on the nib, it’s possible to achieve a wide range of intensities.

There are degrees of quality between the light touch of the tip and it breaking. Without pressing down, the colours remain transparent and by overlapping them they are added together like watercolours. By pressing down, the colour is concentrated and covers more. Knowing this, you can start light and progressively press down for more density.

The colours mix together but also with other techniques. The POSCA Pencil can boost watercolours, mixing with Indian ink, felt-tips, gouache or acrylics. Its permanent finish allows for multiple combinations.