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 I  had  to  see  it  with  my  own  eyes... 

around the world

The artist ROMAROUND lives in several locations, including Biarritz in France. Victoria is a natural street artist with a predilection for animals. Her images travel from country to country, on the walls of an animal protection association, in a playground or on the carcass of a once-motorised machine. A figurative style in which the dots form details by the thousands, soft nuances, and that particular relief of the pointillism.

She spent several months in Africa, and told us all about it, as well as sending us some beautiful images…

What are the reasons for this trip across Africa?

This trip is my new project The Wild Mural Projects, an artistic association to highlight the protection of wild animals and those involved in it. I’m doing it with my friend Laura, who is the artist La Zipolita. We both live in Biarritz (France) and we left together for this adventure during the winter.

I’ve been dreaming about Africa for years, it’s the only continent I’ve never been to. I grew up watching wildlife documentaries and I had to see it with my own eyes. I wanted to meet first-hand those who are on the front line in protecting endangered species.

I intended to spend that year travelling around East Africa, starting in Kenya, and six months later I was still there, so in love with the country. It’s one of the most magical places I’ve ever seen.

We spent a month in Samburu living with the rangers and guardians of the Reteti elephant sanctuary. They rescue baby elephants when they lose their families to poaching or drought. They raise them with new families and reintroduce them into the wild.

There, I had the opportunity to paint a collection of works and display them to tell visitors the story of the extraordinary work these people do. Laura has illustrated children’s books to be sold for donations, which will help the association.

I then spent a month in the Masai Mara where we painted a school in Olare Orok. I love learning and teaching through art about things like how to coexist with wildlife. We painted eight frescoes in different villages on the water reservoirs, which was a community project with the Massaïs.

I also spent a month in Watamu with the association Local Ocean Conservation which rescues and cares for green sea turtles caught accidentally and injured by human fishing. They are cared for and released. I drew a large turtle on the floor, and we organised a workshop with 30 children and painted a 60 metre long wall to tell a story about Kenya’s marine ecosystem.

How did this trip inspire you?

Working alongside animals has been the greatest source of inspiration, especially the Reteti elephant sanctuary. I learnt so much about these incredible animals. I was very impressed by the work of the rangers who look after the elephants at the Namunyak reserve in Sambura.

And I wanted to pay tribute to them, to show them all the respect I have for them by making portraits of the team. I was equally inspired by the Masai and Samburu peoples, by their cultures and colours.


 I  want  to  meet  the  people  who  are  saving  our  planet... 

Can you tell us more about the leopard?

The leopard fresco was painted in the Ol Kinei reserve in the Masai Mara. I stayed there for a fortnight, spending my days in the field spotting animals and taking photos. And at night, I painted for a few hours.

 I  want  to  meet  the  people  who  are  saving  our  planet... 

What do we take away from such a trip?

Kenya has inspired me a lot and I’m still very intrigued by the rest of Africa. This trip is just the beginning, the first of many. I want to meet the people who are saving our planet and showcase them through art.

I also want to paint with local artists, do workshops and take part in this process of protecting nature. And of course, to do workshops with children to teach them about ecosystem conservation through art.