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Plastics are a highly present material in our lives. Opaque, colourful or transparent, porous or smooth, they are easily accessible personalisable surfaces.



There is no particular preparation to be done on plastics but on some of them, the more porous ones, POSCA PASTEL will adhere more and in a more durable way. The smooth wax material will remain on the surface with relative ease.
The transparency of the plastic may be an advantage for certain creations and POSCA PASTEL may also be combined with other techniques.



Thanks to significant concentrations of oil and wax contained in the POSCA PENCIL, its lines are naturally resistant. However, the more porous the surface, the more the colour will enter into the nooks of the surface while the smoother it is, the more exposed it will be to friction and erosion.
In order to protect your work, with a paintbrush you could apply a layer of acrylic binder, which will act as a protective film.


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