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Woven materials are numerous and clothes, bags and other accessories are easily accessible surfaces enabling creative personalisation.
In particular, plain fabrics offer a limitless playground for graphic creations depending on your current tastes!



POSCAL PASTEL easily adheres to fabrics with no prior preparation. For example, cotton and linen, through their tight meshing, perfectly grips the colour.
The ease of use is similar to working on paper. Blunted, the tip allows you to fill and when sharpened fine, it allows you to work on details..
We recommend placing a sufficiently hard material underneath the fabric so that the pastel to properly mark it.



Unfortunately, on fabrics, the creations made with POSCA PASTEL cannot withstand washing.
In the event that items will need to be washed, you should consider the temporary nature of your creations. But, if they do not require washing, you can keep them for a long time. In fact, if kept away from dust, the durability will be the same as for a creation on paper.


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