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Malice, Mesk & Aurélia : 3 artists with MOP’R

 dots,  drips,  splashes,  colours  &  a  large  tip 

With its large and round tip, the MOP’R  is gradually becoming an essential tool for art and street art.  We put it in the hands of three artists with different techniques and styles. Here are a few of the MOP’R’s possibilities in video !

Célia ‘Malice’ Agboloto

Célia is a POSCA tip specialist ! She spends hours doing dots. In the video below, she creates a portrait that mixes figurative and abstract forms, surrounded by an arabesque made of thousands of dots of different sizes. She tells us more about her use of MOP’R in this case:

“The MOP’R offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Gripping with the tip down is more effective on a vertical canvas or wall. There, beautiful and precise dots can be made with ease.

For this creation on cotton canvas, I started with flat areas of paint. Then I stippled with POSCA PC-7M, 5M and 3M using 11 different colours. To finish, I traced a rosace made of empty circles that I filled with black MOP’R. The dots build up in a superimposed pattern until the desired volume is achieved.”


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Une publication partagée par Posca FRANCE 🇫🇷 (@poscagallery)


MESK has been doing graffiti for 36 years! His job is to paint frescoes for festivals and institutions. Many collectors also follow him closely. He is a true specialist in dripping and this technique came into his work somewhat by chance…

It began with the CEO of a clothing brand commissioning five canvases. On the canvas MESK created a “punishment” of the brand name. In graffiti jargon, this is the accumulation of a repeated tag in a given space (the term comes from school punishments where you have to write a sentence hundreds of times).

Then, time passed and the CEO changed his mind. He no longer wanted the whole order. MESK went to collect its dues and, faced with canvases that were repetitions of the brand name in black on a white background, he decided to change the brand by his blaze “MESK”. With a few well-shaken POSCAs and some punishment later, the brand name are covered in flowing, colourful “MESKs”. He had the opportunity to exhibit a few days later and the famous canvas was the first sold.

Since then, he painted some forty canvases like this. He calls this series MULTI MESK ! His formula: between 8 and 12 colours, a heap of his tag, a few drips and the bottom of the canvas left empty to aerate and balance the whole. With the MOP’R, punishments can be applied to much larger canvases and walls…


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Une publication partagée par Posca FRANCE 🇫🇷 (@poscagallery)

Aurélia Durand

As for the illustrator Aurélia Durand, she paints diversity with large flat areas of contrasting colours for characters who dance and communicate. Her aim is to depict the world, not quite as it is represented, but rather as it is, as we see it. She can’t imagine drawing without making a commitment, and she uses art to better express herself.

We caught up with her in her Paris studio for a live painting session. Different tools, and MOP’R for large swathes of colour. Flashy clothes, flashy headgear, black and white tiles, her multicoloured, multicultural den is a veritable artistic Ali Baba’s cave.


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Une publication partagée par Posca FRANCE 🇫🇷 (@poscagallery)

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