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Lucas Beaufort, super motivated


We met Lucas Beaufort a few weeks ago. He’s an artist and works with quite a few skateboard brands, and more. He draws characters, sometimes weird and deformed, and he does it everywhere he’s asked, or wherever the latter feel like being. He is also behind a documentary on skateboard media in general. A hyperactive in fact.

He’s in the USA to draw in skateboard stores and he sent us an initial summary of his trip.

Hey there guys!

Here is a first summary of my trip to the US (East coast). I arrived in Miami on 12 April and thought I would stop by the only legit skate shop in the MIA area but it just closed. I’m travelling with my wife and my pug Grenouille. We just crossed Florida with a stop in Naples, Tampa, and Jacksonville. We also crossed Georgia with a stop in Savannah and Augusta (the city of James Brown and Hulk Hogan !). Right now, we’re in Charleston, South Carolina.

So far, I’ve done four art shows in four skate shops: The Boardr (Tampa), The Block (Jacksonville), Sweet Sticks (Augusta), and Continuum (Charleston). Tomorrow, we’re off to Myrtle Beach and a day off. Feedback is amazing, Americans are so into it and giving me lots of support. It’s nice to see smiles all day! I’ll post some pics for Instagram. Stayed tuned! Be back in a week.

We’re driving up to Boston and then I stay one month in NYC for a big exhibit with Sebo Walker.

See you soon! Lucas Beaufort

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