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Pencil & Pastel


The range is expanding!

*That’s right, the iconic Posca, the internationally known and recognised marker, is a brand before anything. And after several years of research, pastels and coloured pencils are available to the public. An event that we wanted to share with you first with some feedback from two artists who have been using the brand for many years: Nadège Dauvergne and Ernesto Novo.

*The PENCILs by Nadège Dauvergne

 I  was  curious  to  see  if  the  Posca  would  be  found  in  this  new  tool 

Knowing that you work mainly with Posca, what was your reaction when you started using this new tool?
I was curious to see if the Posca would be found in this new tool, and I felt the same satisfaction in using them.

What were your first impressions?
I appreciated using them straightway, and found the Posca pigment quality. With its permanent aspect, the brightness of the colours and enjoyable application they reminded me of the best colour pencils on the market, they’re in my top 2.

You did a ‘test’ drawing [below], can you tell us more about how you came up with it?
I wanted to test the limits of the tool in terms of finesse of solid colour and the detail quality, also on what layering would give, and its coverage aspect. The medium was brown paper, non-virgin kraft type, thick and smooth. By sharpening the pencil slightly, to keep a very fine lead, I started filling in surfaces and layering colours. I didn’t encounter any problems when doing the drawing, the tool ran easily over the paper and reacted how I wanted for the effects I wanted. It was a delicate drawing and the pencil met my expectations.

What types of work does the PENCIL suit?
More or less fine work, the PENCIL achieves all its potential on smooth surfaces and the hard enough quality of its lead lets you really go into detail. With semi-coverage you can also create subtle shades by layering.

*What other tools can it be used with?
With the PASTEL pencil and Posca marker of course, with watercolour or alcohol-based felt-tips, but the list isn’t closed.

*Which colour caught your eye?
Bleu no. 8, it corresponds to the light blue marker, so bright, it’s like diving into a lagoon.

The PASTELs by Ernesto Novo

Ernesto needs no introduction, he’s one of the artists who’s been working with Posca the longest, with one project after the other. He told us what he thought about the wax and oil PASTELs – in boxes of 24 colours, while he was a train on the way to Cannes for the end-of year festivities: “The advantage with pastels, is that they have high coverage and you can blend them with your finger to shade them. You can work with a light colour over a dark solid colour, and it works on lots of different mediums. They work very well with solid colours, because they’re pretty broad, so for highlighting, on a drawing or details, you can use a classic Posca or the PENCILs, it’s great like that.”

(Ernesto’s test drawing can be seen below -> James Arthur Baldwin. Born 2 August 1924 in Harlem, New York, died 1 December 1987 in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, in the Alpes-Maritimes, in France. He was an American writer, writing novels, poetry, short stories, plays and essays.)