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Pink is a secondary colour. Its complementary colour is green.

It is part of the warm colours.

In many cultures, depending on the period, pink is associated with the female gender. Its meaning can be ambivalent according to its intensity, depending on whether it’s pale or dark. It has many shades: pale pink, old rose, fuchsia, bisque, etc.

Pink is obtained by mixing red and white according to the pictorial approach of the subtractive colour system. It isn’t represented on the colour spectrum but can be related to the representation of magenta/violet (last on the spectrum).

Pink has been used for hundreds of years in the fashion world. Dyers made it using plant pigments.

Pink was used in ancient art to represent flowers. Its representation concerning other objects, in paintings or drawings, only appears later.

The American street artist “Pink Man” made himself the ambassador of this colour and Yves Klein also used it for the monochrome exhibit “Mono Pink”.


Available in PC-3M tip.


Available in all tips: PCF-350PC-1MRPC-1MCPC-3MPC-5MPC-7MPC-8K and PC-17K.

Metallic pink

Available in PC-1MRPC-5M and PC-8K tips.

Light pink

Available in PC-1MCPC-3M and PC-5M tips.

Glitter pink

Available in PC-3ML tip.

Fluorescent pink

Available in PC-5M and PC-8K tips.