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Life Custom

 Historically  monopolised  by  communities  of  enthusiasts  often  motivated  by  adventure  and  sometimes  extreme  experiences  in  urban  or  natural  environments,  customisation  is  a  space  of  total  freedom  where  anyone  can  express  themselves  and  declare  their  affinity  with  their  community.  Quite  naturally  POSCA  was  quickly  adopted  by  this  freedom  of  expression  community  with  no  limits  on  materials. 


Aurélien Desbois is a French artist you might run into near Anglet. He has been painting for a good ten years.

Nils Inne: In the Inne family, the son

Nils grew up in the southwest of France. He has been immersed in the surfing and skateboarding culture since he was very young.

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