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Brokovich: Masks, travel, pistachio and beetles…


Thomas comes from the east of France and now lives in Annecy.

An illustrator artist, he likes to upscale and take over characters and other bizarre shapes that he colours as he pleases. His world is multicoloured, sometimes naive, absurd or fantastic, and is a real treat to look at. Have a look at his blog, it’s full of surprises…

An ardent supporter of resourcefulness and serendipity, an art adventurer, Brokovich loves unlikely media that he gleefully customises with enormous spirit: pistachios, beetles, wrecked cars, DIY mask, etc. This creative vitality has enabled him to become totally immersed in the Iretge project: a sort of back to the roots road trip in the French regions furthest from urban centres to create ephemeral works with a minimum of resources, a challenge for creative re-energising and above all an adventure, a true journey. Dwelling on the inspiration, encounters and resources in the places visited, the small team of apprentice shaman nomads was able to see the project through to the end and then share the story in a book: Iretge”.


Materials used by Brokovich