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 Originally,  graffiti  was  part  of  hip-hop  culture  and  consisted  of  3D  lettering  with  optical  and  colour  effects.  Whether  used  for  social  criticism  or  just  to  leave  a  mark,  graffiti  has  symbolised  freedom  of  expression  since  its  emergence.  Over  the  years,  its  frequent  use  has  given  POSCA  real  “street  cred”.  It  has  naturally  become  an  indispensable  tool  for  graffiti  artists. 
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Published on 14-03-2019

In customisation mode with Keny Kayne

His name is spread across walls and iron curtains.

T-Kid 170 Back to the roots

T-Kid170 is a living legend, a pillar of graffiti culture.

Shuck2: Box and graffiti

Shuck2 grew up in Nanterre, in the west end of the Paris suburbs.

Rolecs, pure colours

Rolecs is a street artist who became an artist.

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