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 A  round  tip  and  a  new  grip  for  XXL  experiences! 

the POSCA family is growing!

The POSCA MOP’R is a new large-format marker with a round tip and a new grip for XXL experiences. It’s intuitive and fun. It’s a perfect tool to satisfy the wildest ambitions.

This new POSCA tip has the same requirements as our classic markers: an odourless, water-based, rich in natural pigments ink, bright and covering colours. Its technical name?! The PCM-22.

a complementary tool

The POSCA MOP’R can be used on flat or vertical surfaces. It invites you to occupy space and to create in a bigger way. Try it and you’ll instantly fall in love with it. All you have to do is let your creative potential explode! It is already available in eight colours: white, black, yellow, green, red, pink, light blue and dark blue.

Its originality lies in its efficiency: it allows you to go fast, to create dense and homogeneous flat areas or to fill an area in a few strokes. With the POSCA MOP’R, it is movement, spontaneity and inspiration that matter !

a bit of «  déjà vu  »…

And it’s normal! The POSCA MOP’R has its origins in the pioneers of graffiti who sought to cover as much surface as possible and as quickly as possible. One of their inspirations was the shoe polish applicator of the brand Baranne, which quickly became known as a “baranne” in colloquial language.

An amazing tool that has proven itself over time. The POSCA MOP’R is simply the modern version and worthy descendant of this artistic tradition which is finally recognised as such.

With the POSCA MOP’R, multiply the effects!


Mix the black POSCA MOP’R to another colour, tip to tip, for depth effects.


Mix the white POSCA MOP’R to another colour, tip to tip, for a highlighting and relief effect.


For smooth and even drips, hold the POSCA MOP’R upside down and accentuate the flow of paint by gently squeezing it.


For a spray paint effect, blow vigorously and evenly on the saturated paint tip.


Mix several colours, tip to tip, to create new shades.


For a splash effect, Saturate the tip before dabbing it onto the substrate in a brisk motion.


For small, simple circles, apply the tip straight on without pressing too hard.