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an activity, a hobby,
a culture

 When  you  paint  pebbles,  you  belong  to  a  community. 

You see them everywhere and more and more commonly, made on a rainy Sunday or the result of committed, artistic approaches where sharing and caring are the central values. They are painted pebbles.

Painting pebbles is no New Age art craze, quite the contrary! When you look into the practice, it goes back a few thousand years BC, when humans used to draw on the walls of their caves, but also on pebbles and stones. To mark one’s presence, pass the time, to make art well before the concept existed… this natural practice has stood the test of time.

[photograph of the introduction: Pauline Beugniot / interview on the site]

 Today, the simple, outmoded act of painting pebbles has become a culture, an art or a hobby, take your pick.

Painting pebbles is a great family activity. Whether it’s to occupy the kids one rainy Sunday, introduce them to something creative, stimulate their imagination or teach them about colour, backgrounds and shape. The possibilities are endless, and the act of creating requires concentration and precision, which are also synonymous with peace and quiet!

Painting pebbles is a therapeutic experience. As she explains in this video, for artist Sophie Katt, drawing is a vital, daily and life-saving act. It is an experience that helps release worries and troubles. She opted for zentangle, a repetitive and extremely precise technique – no messing around when it comes to feeling better! Picking up a pebble means diving body and soul into the world of creation, right to the tips of your fingers.

When you paint pebbles, you belong to a community. It’s the submerged bulk of the iceberg, the part you can’t necessarily see, but which is more active. Drawing on pebbles and distributing them outdoors in the interests of sharing is a phenomenon that has been magnified by social media. It is a means of making contact, meeting other people, and even sharing an experience. There are an increasing number of painted pebble communities. It all starts in a neighbourhood, then the playing field extends to the city, so why not take over the region, or even the whole country? It’s happening not far from where you live, so keep an eye out for it!

The kindness rocks project

An initiative of Megan Murphy, an American woman, who to overcome a difficult period began to write positive phrases on pebbles that she would collect from the beach she would take her daily walk at. On the first day, she placed five pebbles not far from her house; a friend found one, and after recognising her handwriting texted her a photo of it, then joined her on her walks along the beach. It all started very simply, but has become a social phenomenon, an institution of well-being

The kindness rocks project.


Elspeth McLean

Elspeth has made pebble painting a real art. The young Australian breathes life into these stones that she mothers and personalises by painting them in an embossed design, and which then become little lucky charms. Her style is psychedelic and esoteric; she beautifies the few square centimetres by applying intense, bright and radiant colours. There’s no room for melancholy in her creations that make you want to carry them in your pocket at all times, to touch them, feel reassured or simply admire them.


Sue Tucker

How droll! Mrs Tucker is an Englishwoman with all sorts of creative pastimes; she sent us her collection of painted pebbles, adding a ‘Bon appétit’ in French at the end of her message. She also sent Posca a video – calorie-free – that you can watch below. We’re not quite sure, but we suspect she may be the ex-wife of a Monty Python.

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The photo below is a creation by Virginie Wonder