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Tchi-tcha !

GERO has hung out at waste grounds, festivals and hip-hop scenes and made a lot of music. But it seems he’s left that aside for a bit to concentrate on letters and colours. Productive, hyper-productive, he can’t stand a blank page (a white wall) and sets out to create some relief on them through lettering, curves, angles, shading, practically make them stand out in 3-D. So it’s natural he chooses to use Posca, born in the 80s, to create some of his vocables.

Gero is from Maisons-Alfort, a town in the Paris suburbs, and has always been close to artists that have become visible from there. He got into hip-hop and graffiti when he was really young, fascinated by both cultures. He’s honed his drawing as time has passed with a very colourful style, on paper, and with 80s lettering. An inspiring decade, the one he grew up in. His day to day predilection revolves around his friend’s kids’ names and his handle which he produces over and over again, a way to keep his practice sharp and perfect his techniques.

Instagram: gero94700
Facebook: gero94700
Instagram dedicated to his collection of toys

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