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One man show

We’ve already mentioned Lucas on this site and Posca has supported several of his projects. During the last couple of months he has been trying out new things, new tools and thinking about new directions. But there is always the same leitmotif at the back of his mind: “every second counts!” *

So when we received a message from him this morning, it was to tell us that his TEDx conference was on-line. “Living a passion”, you couldn’t expect less from Mr. Beaufort who, in addition to constantly motivating himself, is the first to push you to do what you want to achieve in your life.  There he is, alone on stage, microphone in hand, in a good mood and with a smile on his lips, telling us his story. A touch of humour, a few experiences, some difficulties, but always this willingness which he is promoting at all times. It’s instructive and makes you want to do a bit more for even more pleasure.

we grew up with his world and characters, and I’ve been drawing his heroes for such a long time! He contributed a great deal to comics and his career is just crazy, unbelievable and I adore his cameos in the films! I don’t know the “real” Stan Lee, but that’s not important, I thank him for all his creations that enriched our adolescence :)

Lucas Beaufort instagram