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We asked Leona Rose to associate a country she has visited with a colour and to explain this choice in a few sentences. Today she remembers Colombia, a South American country that has become calmer in recent years, bordered by Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela, with a Pacific coastline. Marking her new book, À la recherche des trois flamants roses, her publisher is devoting a week to her. This can be viewed on their site and on Leona’s networks.

The blue of Colombia

“It’s still a wild country, where tourism is not yet very developed. There is a lot of nature, national parks and a great diversity of landscapes throughout this very vast country. I was going to meet a friend, Li Saumet, who is part of the Bomba Estereo group, and spend a few days at her house, on the Costeno beach, for her birthday.

I stayed in Columbia for two weeks, starting in Cartagena, a historic, mystical, incredible and ultra-coloured city. Offshore, just a half hour by boat, there are virgin islands with incredible beaches, like Bendita. Next I went to Costeno, to Li’s house, in the Sierra Nevada Park, a wild, raw, preserved space, where native tribes still live, preserving their rites and traditions.

I had the chance to paint two big frescos at Costeno Beach (which is a youth hostel), in shades of blue, because the sea and nature are omnipresent. I ended with a few days in Medellin, a change of atmosphere, with a big city, a different architecture.

For Colombia, I chose the colour blue, because I preferred the wild atmosphere, nature and sea, to that of the cities. For me this colour evokes the sky, immense, clear, and blue from morning to night. Grey blue in the morning, night blue in the evening, illuminated by the moon and the stars, and which communicates with the blue of the sea. Blue seemed obvious to me. For me, this colour evokes calm, recharging one’s batteries, reconnecting with one’s emotions, sensitivity, inner peace, nature and its immensity.

À la recherche des trois flamants roses

A book full of colour book that resembles an illustrated diary of Leona Rose’s travels around the world. Accompanied by her companions Naomi and Michel, we follow their colourful and fun adventures from Havana in Cuba to New York, the Big Apple, taking in Morocco and Cambodia. Text accompanies the drawings, and you’ll even have the opportunity to add your own two cents by colouring those that seem a little pale.

Published by Little Urban on 3 June. 28 pages. 33×46 cm.
Little Urban x POSCA
ISBN: 9782374083414.